Toruń Centre for Astronomy
Nicolaus Copernicus University

Infrared diffuse interstellar bands

Galazutdinov G. A., Lee Jae-Joon, Han Inwoo, Lee Byeong-Cheol, Valyavin G., Krełowski J.

We present high-resolution (R ˜ 45 000) profiles of 14 diffuse interstellar bands in the ˜1.45 to ˜2.45 μm range based on spectra obtained with the Immersion Grating INfrared Spectrograph at the McDonald Observatory. The revised list of diffuse bands with accurately estimated rest wavelengths includes six new features. The diffuse band at 15 268.2 Å demonstrates a very symmetric profile shape and thus can serve as a reference for finding the 'interstellar correction' to the rest wavelength frame in the H range, which suffers from a lack of known atomic/molecular lines.

Ism: Clouds, Ism: Lines And Bands, Ism: Molecules