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Astrosim Summer School 2010 – Simulating the Universe: Towards petascale supercomputing in astrophysics

In the framework of the ESF ASTROSIM project, we organize an advanced summer school on computational astrophysics at Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland, 11-25 July 2010. The school aims to bring together PhD students, young post-doctoral researchers and experienced computational astrophysicists to provide an integrated overview of numerical and computational techniques applied in numerical simulations of fluid dynamical and N-body astrophysical systems. The school will offer a hands-on approach to astrophysical numerical simulations, with computer laboratories and access to large computer clusters in addition to lectures.

Od 11.07.2010 do 25.07.2010
Toruń, Polska
Organizatorzy (osoby)
mgr Mariusz Słonina, dr Kacper Kowalik