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Constant Intensities of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the Spectrum of AE Aur

Krełowski J., Galazutdinov G. A., Bondar A.

Using spectra of the star AE Aur (HD 34078), covering the period 1997-2016, we prove that all strong diffuse interstellar bands are of the same intensity during the whole period of observations (inside 3-5% of the intensity). This is in sharp contrast to the behavior of both CH and CH+ features which, during the last six years, declined sharply by 13% and 28% respectively. Diffuse bands seem to behave more or less as interstellar atomic lines. We checked also the behavior of CaII lines which should be of constant intensities as the carrier fills the space evenly. Our observations confirm this and allow us to re-estimate the distance to HD 34078.

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Ism: Clouds, Ism: Molecules, Ism: Lines And Bands