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Entangled light from bimodal optical nanoantennas

Straubel J., Sarniak R., Rockstuhl C., Słowik K.

We suggest a hybrid plasmonic device made of a bimodal metallic nanoantenna coupled to an incoherently pumped quantum emitter. This device emits light into the two modes entangled in the number of photons. The process is a prime example of losses changing from being a nuisance into something beneficial, since, although it is counterintuitive, the entanglement is enabled by strong incoherent processes, i.e., the dominant scattering and absorption rates of the nanoantenna. This renders the nanoantenna an active source of nonclassicality. Both the high emission rate and the degree of entanglement of the emitted light are insensitive with respect to imperfections in the nanoantenna length, rendering the scheme feasible for an implementation.