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Toruń 6-cm polarimetry of the Milky Way

Ryś S., Chyży K. T., Kus A., Pazderski E., Soida M., Urbanik M.

We present first results of a radio continuum and polarization survey of the Milky Way at 4.7 GHz carried out with the 32-m radio telescope in Toruń. The survey is much less affected by depolarization effects than previous measurements at lower frequencies. This enables the study of magnetic field structure and its interrelations with particular features in the interstellar medium to much larger distances from the Sun. Our preliminary total power map shows a good association of radio features with galactic star-forming regions while the polarization data reveal an increasing coherence of magnetic fields away from the Galaxy's mid-plane.

Słowa kluczowe
Galaxy: Structure, Ism: Magnetic Fields, Polarization