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VizieR Online Data Catalog: LOFAR Bootes and 3C295 field sources (van Weeren+, 2014)

Williams W. L., Tasse C., Rafferty D. A., Heald G., White G. J., Shulevski A., Best P., Intema H. T., Bhatnagar S., Reich W., i 73 współautor(ów), w tym z CA, Kunert-Bajraszewska M.

The Bootes and 3C 295 fields were simultaneously observed on 2012 April 12 as part of a multi-beam observation with the LOFAR LBA stations. The idea behind the multi-beam setup is that we use the 3C 295 observations as a calibrator field to transfer the gain amplitudes to the (target) Bootes field. The total integration time on both fields was 10.25 hr. Complete frequency coverage was obtained between 54 and 70 MHz for both fields, while non-contiguous frequency coverage was obtained between 30 and 54 MHz for the 3C 295 only. All four correlation products were recorded. By default, the frequency band was divided into sub-bands, each 195.3125 kHz wide. Each sub-band was further divided in 64 channels and the integration time was 1 s. (1 data file).

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Galaxies: Seyfert, Interferometry, Surveys, Radio Sources